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Standing Committees

Standing committees established by the Board of Directors are committees consisting of less than a quorum of the board and have continuing subject matter jurisdiction or a fixed meeting schedule. They exist to make routine and regular recommendations on a specific subject matter and are a regular part of the governmental structure.
Current standing committees are: Executive, Finance-Audit, and Governance. The Finance-Audit Committee is the only committee with a fixed meeting schedule.
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Ad-Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc, or temporary committees, are established by the Board of Directors from time to time. They consist of less than a quorum of the board and are formed for the purpose of a single or limited task. They dissolve when their specific task is completed.
Current ad-hoc committees are: Fair Redevelopment, Fundraising, and Opportunities Assessment, Volunteer Program Development.
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2017 Fixed Meeting Schedule

Committee Meeting Date
Finance-Audit February 27, 2017
Finance-Audit May 3, 2017
Finance-Audit August 3, 2017
Finance-Audit November 1, 2017
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