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Standing Committees

Standing committees established by the Board of Directors are committees consisting of less than a quorum of the board and have continuing subject matter jurisdiction or a fixed meeting schedule. They exist to make routine and regular recommendations on a specific subject matter and are a regular part of the governmental structure.
Current standing committees are: Executive and Finance-Audi. The Finance-Audit Committee is the only committee with a fixed meeting schedule.

Ad-Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc, or temporary committees, are established by the Board of Directors from time to time. They consist of less than a quorum of the board and are formed for the purpose of a single or limited task. They dissolve when their specific task is completed.
Current ad-hoc committees are: Fundraising, Opportunities Assessment, and Volunteer Program Development.

2018 Committee Meeting Supporting Documents

2017 Fixed Meeting Schedule

Committee Meeting Date Agenda
Finance-Audit February 27, 2017 Agenda
Finance-Audit May 3, 2017 Agenda
Finance-Audit August 3, 2017
Finance-Audit November 1, 2017

2017 Standing Committee Schedule

Committee Meeting Date
Governance May 2, 2017
Executive May 3, 2017
Executive June 12, 2017
Executive August 3, 2017
Executive October 12, 2017 - canceled due to Tubbs Fire


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