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Old Fashioned Cake Walk

There are two ways to participate in the Cake Walk

1. Donate a Cake

We can't have a cakewalk without cakes!

Share your baking talent for this, fun & festive event for the kids. Bake a cake. Share a cake. Watch for the joy and listen for the laughter! Free entry with cake donation.
Click here to register a donated cake under Special Activities

Cake Walk Flyer

2. It's a Sweet Deal

The game begins when the music starts!

As the music plays, kids walk around the circle of numbers on the floor, stepping from one numbered circle to another. As soon as the music stops, everyone stands on the number he or she is closest to. A number is drawn, read out, and the person standing on that number gets a cake!
We said it was a sweet deal!

Only $5 to participate - fee waived with cake donation.
We said it was a sweet deal!
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