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Napa County Fair Association (the "Association") serves the citizens of Napa County with cultural, social, and economic benefits in times of celebration as well as need. Citizens receive these benefits through participation in our many programs and the use of our facilities for education, entertainment, recreation, community life, tourism, and emergency response. We are located in the rural agricultural community of Calistoga, California.

The Association's primary activity is to produce the Napa County Fair and to manage and make its facilities available to the public for their educational and recreational use. The Napa County Fair is held on the 4th of July and showcases the talents of our community, providing the opportunity for every Napa County resident, regardless of age, to receive accolades from their friends, family, neighbors, and business community. The annual County Fair is a community place of gathering, an opportunity for friends, family, and neighbors to gather face-to-face to celebrate the past and present, honor traditions, and embrace the future.

The second part of the Association's primary activity is to operate, maintain, and make the County's facilities available to the public for their educational and recreational use. To this wend, we offer other programs and facilities for community events. Our facilities are used by nearly all local non-profits for their fundraising events, raising over $500,000 annually that they invest back into local programs such as youth and women scholarships, dictionaries for third graders, bike helmets for fourth graders, youth sports, reading glasses for the elderly, underage drinking awareness, and much more. The Napa County Fair Association also makes the facilities available to the public for its use for private special events such as weddings, family reunions, and life celebrations.
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