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Food Truck Rally

May 3rd - 5th 12 pm to 10 pm

The Second Annual County Fair & Fiesta @ The Napa County Fairgrounds is Friday, May 3 through Sunday, May 5, 2019.

The reintroduction of the Fair in the spring time as a Celebration of the County is an exiting transition for Celebrate! Napa Valley. A redevelopment plan being implemented over the next several years that is an opportunity to Celebrate all things Napa Valley and the foundation of our community - its agriculture, education, art, culture, workers, wine, and food.

We have invited several local food trucks to take part in our Food Truck Rally so come on out and taste the goods!

Food Vendor Form

Thank you for your interest in working with Celebrate Napa Valley. Please submit completed application below. If you have not worked us before, please attach color photographs of your mobile food stand and product(s) as they would appear @ Celebrate! Napa Valley events. Don't underestimate the importance of photos that are clear and show your stand or truck at its best!

Upcoming events include:
County Fair & Fiesta Friday, May 3 through Sunday, May 5.
Parade, Star-Spangled Social & Fireworks Thursday, July Fourth.
More details about each event can be found on our website or by emailing

Where: Napa County Fairgrounds, 1435 N. Oak St., Calistoga, CA

We provide: Electrical and sewage disposal (not cords or hoses)

If you do not hold a valid Napa County Health Permit please

Click here for temporary event permit form

Contact Information

Company Information


Previous Vendor

Event Dates

Application dates Please check your dates of interest

Stand Information

Service Windows Type of food stand - No extra vehicles - only tent

Seller's Permit Please attach a photo of your seller's permit
Mobile/Tent dimensions (service side x depth)
Height of stand (including signs & A/C units
Distance from front edge to trailer/tent
Back Room/Storage Area Location No Vehicles allowed - only tents for storage

Health Permit - Must provide copy of valid Napa County Permit Do you need to purchase a temporary Health Permit?

Insurance Will you need to purchase insurance for $125?

Copy of Insurance Please provide a copy of insurance

Utility Information

All food concessionaires are to have at least 100’ water hose, a Y nozzle, and 200’ of heavy duty electrical extension cords at their disposal.
There is a $92 charge over 50 amps
Please provide a photo of your Electrical plug- in/connector
Will you need a water hookup?

Please provide photos of your concession set up if you are new to working with us.

Photo Attach photo of your product/stand
Photo Attach photo of your product/stand
Photo Attach photo of your product/stand

Terms & Conditions

I Agree to the Terms & Conditions

Upon review, we will notify all new applicants of their acceptance or position on our waiting list within three weeks of receipt of application. Timely entries are encouraged.

Consideration is given to prior participants based upon a professional display, uniqueness, quality product(s), and conducting business in a professional manner.

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