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Fair & Fiesta Vendor Application

The Fair & Fiesta @ The Napa County Fairgrounds is taking place May 5-6, 2018 located in Calistoga, California. We are in the heart of California’s famous wine country- home to Art, Wine, Agriculture, Food and many forms of celebration. We accept a variety of vendors for our diverse spectrum of patrons.


When: May 5-6, 2018 12pm- 10pm
Booth Hours: 12pm-6pm (or later if you choose)
Where: Napa County Fairgrounds, 1435 N. Oak St., Calistoga, CA
Anticipated Attendance: 3,000
Electrical: provided
Booth Space: 10x10
Price: $100 for both days

This application is for the purpose of assisting the Napa County Fairgrounds in the selection of the 2018 Arts & Crafts vendors. This application is not a contract, nor a guarantee of same. There is no payment required at this time.

Please attach color photographs of the proposed exhibit booth and product(s) as they would appear at the The Fair & Fiesta. Don’t underestimate the importance of photos that are clear and show your display at its best!

For more information regarding the two day fair please go to: www.CelebrateNapaValley.org/FairFiesta
First Name
Last Name
Email Address

Company Information

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code
Phone Number
Website URL
Sellers Permit #
Attach a copy of Seller's Permit

Booth & Product Information

Proposed Items For Sale
Description of items/information to be displayed


Photo Attach a photo of your products/stand
Photo Attach a photo of your product/Stand
Photo Attach a photo of your product/stand
Vendor Type
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Dates Available
This is not a guarantee

Booth Size - All OUTDOOR Booths
Please Check One - incl. electricity under 20 amp

Will you need to purchase insurance for $22.00?

Terms & Conditions

Height of Stand
Including Signs
Electrical under 20-amps included in booth fee
Do you require more than 20-amps for $35.00?

On-site Overnite Accommodations


Reserve now

Stands must be staffed always from 12 pm – 6 pm on Saturday May 5, and Sunday May 6, 2018.
Space includes one 110-volt outlet per 10x10 space. Any power usage over 20-amps will be charged an additional fee.
Booths must be kept in showroom quality. Cardboard boxes, stock, and trash must be kept out of the view of the public. Blue tarps are not to be used as part of display, only for overnight protection.
All tables must be draped, and all decorative materials must be flame resistant. All decorative and display materials must be appropriate for the theme and venue.
Booth height may not exceed 8 feet on back wall and 4 feet on sides.
All vendors selling taxable merchandise or providing a taxable service in California, even on a temporary basis, must have a Seller’s Permit. Contact the Board of Equalization at (707) 576-2100 for more information. If you already have your Seller’s Permit, attach a copy to this application.
All vendors are required to provide $1,000,000 public liability insurance naming the County of Napa, Napa County Fair, and the State of California as additionally insured. If you are unable to secure this coverage, you may purchase insurance through the Fair for $22.00 per booth. Please contact the Fair Office for more information. All vendors with employees must provide a copy of Workers Compensation Insurance. If no employees, a letter stating so must be on file with the Napa County Fair.
All vendors are provided two (2) admission credentials for staff. Additional tickets may be purchased at a during check-in. WFA Credentials will also be accepted. Due to limited parking, only one (1) complimentary parking pass will be issued per booth. Additional parking passes will be available for purchase at check-in.
I Agree with Terms & Conditions
Upon our review, we will notify all applicants of their acceptance or position on our waiting list within three weeks of receipt of application. Timely entries are encouraged.

Consideration is given to prior participants based upon a professional display, uniqueness, quality product(s), and conducting business in a professional manner.
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