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Food Truck Rally

Fair & Fiesta @ The Napa County Fairgrounds is gearing up for a May 5-6, 2018 launch. We have been hosting fairs and events for over 80 years and this is an exciting NEW date and time for us.

This reintroduction of the Fair as a Celebration of the County marks the beginnings of our Fair redevelopment plan. A plan being implemented over the next several years that is an opportunity to Celebrate Napa Valley and the foundation of our community - its agriculture, education, art, culture, workers, wine, and food.

We have invited several local food trucks to take part in our Food Truck Rally so come on out and taste the goods!

Food Vendor Form

Submit completed application as soon as possible. Attach color photographs of your mobile food stand and product(s) as they would appear at the Fair & Fiesta @ The Napa County Fairgrounds. Don't underestimate the importance of photos that are clear and show your stand or truck at its best!


When: May 5-6, 2018 12pm- 10pm
Where: Napa County Fairgrounds, 1435 N. Oak St., Calistoga, CA
Nitty Gritty: 20% of food truck gross sales, after taxes, go towards support of event production collected at the end of the event.
Anticipated Attendance: 3,000
We provide: Electrical and sewage disposal

Contact Information

First Name
Last Name
Email Address

Company Information

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code
Phone Number
Website URL

Stand Information

Previous Vendor

Service Windows Indicate type of food stand

Proposed Items For Sale
Sellers Permit #
Mobile/Tent dimensions (service side x depth)
Height of stand (including signs & A/C units
Service Counter
Distance from front edge to trailer/tent
Back Room/Storage Area Location


Health Permit - Must provide copy upon signing contract Do you need a temporary health permit for $125.00?

Utility Information

there is a charge over 50 amps


Photo Attach photo of your product/stand
Photo Attach photo of your product/stand
Photo Attach photo of your product/stand

RV and Stock Truck Parking

Terms & Conditions

I Agree to the Terms & Conditions

Upon review, we will notify all new applicants of their acceptance or position on our waiting list within three weeks of receipt of application. Timely entries are encouraged.

Consideration is given to prior participants based upon a professional display, uniqueness, quality product(s), and conducting business in a professional manner.

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