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SeminARTS Program

Call to Artists

Thanks to grant monies awarded by the Napa County Arts & Culture Advisory Committee, stipends are being offered for a great opportunity to share your artistic talents in the high school classrooms of Napa County as part of a seminar program called SeminARTS, created by Celebrate! Napa Valley.

SeminARTS provides a wonderful opportunity to bridge creative thinking and core curriculum by bringing you, a professional artist, into the high school classrooms throughout Napa County, providing unique learning and workshop activities for students. To share the value of these with the community, they will be followed by youth engagement program activities during ENGAGE Art Fair or County Fair & Fiesta to publicly demonstrate what they learned.

SeminARTS will focus on incorporating creativity and art, and those not often showcased in primary education, into the overall student curriculum beyond art classes. This art program will be showcased through a-typical courses such as math, science, culinary, and language.

We are seeking to incorporate visitor programming into our community and dispel the all too often heard comment of high school students, “When will I ever use this in real life?” Whether it’s experiencing algebra and geometry applied to furniture design and restoration, application of chemistry teachings to burning wood panels with molten glass, applying a childhood activity of sidewalk chalk drawing into a 3-D rendition of a passage read in a language class, or creatively reproducing a piece of art through taste and texture in a cake, Napa County students will engage in unique experiences that bridge the creative and analytical sides of their brains.

will provide students with an understanding of how basic subject matters apply to life and careers beyond high school, new interests developments, and encourage creative thinking.Recent studies suggest that 60% of CEOS agree that creativity was the most important skill to have in a leadership role, followed by integrity and global thinking. This study is further supported by Americans for the Arts statistics that demonstrate that students who are provided with a sense of community are more likely to create and positively affect their surroundings and exposure to creativity results in higher general positivity among the population.

For more information please contact us at the phone number below or email

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