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Napa County Fair Association Evolves to Preserve Valued Traditions and Celebrations as Celebrate! Napa Valley

Our newly restructured fair association welcomed 2019 with a new mission, new brand, and a plan to carry on valued fair traditions fostered for nearly 90 years.

Fairs all over the nation are evolving in a modern age of technology, cultural diversity, and entertainment preferences. However, no matter how the times may change the oldest of traditions remain as relevant and revered as they did in the beginning. Which is why the Napa County Fair Association, now branded as Celebrate! Napa Valley, has adopted a new mission to enrich their community, preserve traditions, and cultivate connection through the celebration of Napa Valley’s world renown heritage and culture.

Celebrate! Napa Valley Is focused on restructuring the organization to better educate, entertain, and connect the beloved community of the Napa Valley. Still centered in Calistoga, the organization’s future focus is on fundraising to improve the quality of the programming and entertainment provided throughout the year. The 2023 calendar will see some of our traditional events reprised in modern ways.

The fair historically produced five main events beginning with Engage Art Fair in April, the Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition, Fair & Fiesta in May, the 4th of July Parade & Star-Spangled Social, and the Christmas Faire in December. With quarantine and closures, we have been rebuilding our main events. 2021 saw the return of the Christmas Faire, and 2022 brought back the 4th of July Parade and Star Spangled Social, a bigger Christmas Faire and we even layered in a few new events with the Harvest Fair and the Tractor Parade After Party.

Each event is unique and provides the community a place to honor our rich agricultural heritage that the fair association has fostered for years. Today we find ourselves looking to the future with wisdom gained from the past. By restructuring our legal entity and redefining the roles of the board we can elevate our programming to better enrich, cultivate and connect with our community.

The new branding Celebrate! Napa Valley originates from the importance of capturing the true essence of life in the Napa Valley, which is showcased through the celebration of harvest, cultural diversity, and the arts. We bring visibility to the importance of art, agriculture, education, and engagement within our society. Our new mission reflects our true intention, which is to cultivate connection.

Please stay tuned as events unfold for 2023 and beyond!

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