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Our Board

Karan Schlegel -Chair 2018-Current

Karan has been involved with our board for over a decade. She has served as chair twice, stepping in through tough organizational transitions and steering us through unprecedented times. She recently celebrated 25 years with Chateau Montelena. As export manager, her vast professional experience, immersed knowledge of Napa Valley culture, and dedication to her community make her a perfect fit for our working board. She also dedicates her time to Soroptimist International of Calistoga, Calistoga Little League, and Calistoga Cares Food Pantry.

Rose Beck -Vice Chair 2018-Current

Rose Beck

Stephen Patel -joined 2018- Treasurer 2021-Current

Steve was born and raised in the East Bay. His first introduction to Calistoga was in the early 80’s when his father ventured into the hotel/ hospitality business. In 2010 Steve moved to Calistoga to work full time in the family business, which now includes; Stevenson Manor Inn, The Inn on Pine, Aurora Park Cottages, and The Bergson. In 2012, he joined the Calistoga Chamber Board of Directors, serving for 6 years. He currently also serves on the Board of Directors for Calistoga Affordable Housing (CAH) and Calistoga TID. In his spare time Steve fosters dogs for Wine Country Animal Lovers (WCAL) and you will often see him walking through Calistoga with his dog, Dusty and any fosters in tow.

Jamie Graff -Director 2022- Current

Jamie is thrilled to be a part of Celebrate Napa Valley and has been enamored with Calistoga's hometown parade scene both from her front porch on Cedar street with family and neighbors, and by participating with Nimbus Arts’ kids created floats for almost 30 years. Jamie brings a passion for arts and education, in her role as Executive Director of Nimbus Arts Community art center. After graduating with a degree in Enology and Marketing from UC Davis, she had careers as a winemaker, and a business owner before co-founding Nimbus in 2005. Working with a core group of local artist-instructors, Nimbus has become a cornerstone arts organization whose diverse programming includes classes, camps, NIMBASH, and a wide array of community outreach activities for all ages.

Brenda Wild -Director 2022- current

Brenda Wild and her family have been a part of Calistoga since 1995. She manages several local small business offices in town. Brenda has helped support the Calistoga Education Foundation, currently an ambassador for the Brannan Center and has volunteered year after year for the Celebrate! Napa Valley Christmas Market Place.

Kim Wedlake -Director 2022- current

Kim and her husband Ted own and operate Olabisi Wines in Calistoga. They first came to the valley in 1995, from San Francisco; when she got her dream job designing wine labels in St. Helena. Kim has spent the last 15 years volunteering in various organizations throughout the valley including the Calistoga Education Foundation Auction and theatrical productions at St. Helena High School.

Bobbi Frioli -Director 2023-current

Bobbi joined the board in June 2023, and has been boots on the ground ever since. When we give her a break, we will update this section


Maggie Maib Board 2019-2021 Staff 2021- Current

Maggie & Santa

Maggie & Santa

Maggie Maib was born and raised in Calistoga, along the 4th of July Parade Route. She joined the Celebrate Board in 2019 to become more involved in the community and help shape fair events. In 2021 she began organizing our events and stepped off the board to take a more active roll. As part time staff, Maggie serves as a Jill of All Trades for Celebrate! Napa Valley.

Organizational Information

The Napa County Fair Association Board of Directors consists of up to 15 members who serve without compensation. Directors are elected from our Association membership and appointed by the County of Napa Board of Supervisors. The Board of Directors provides the general oversight and sets the policies for Association operations. Meetings are held on a monthly basis and are open to the public.
All voting members of the Association are eligible to run for an elected position on the Board of Directors. Applications are available on this page and at the Main Office in October and must be submitted by the first business day of November.

For more information about the Napa County Fair Association, read the Bylaws and policies.

Past Chairpersons/Presidents

1935 George Locey
1936-39 Frank Piner
1940-45 Chapin Tubbs
1946-53 Howard Butler
1954-55 Ray Bentley
1956 Howard Butler
1957 L.P. Ames
1958 Emil Rockstroh
1959 Gino Birleffi
1960 John Nolasco
1961 Melvin Schmidt
1962 George Cropp
1963 L.P. Ames
1964 J.A. Flynn
1965-66 Gino Birleffi
1967 Linus Smith
1968-69 George Cropp
1970 Paul Galleron
1971 J.A. Flynn
1972-73 George Cropp
1974 Ray Fechter, Jr.
1975 George Cropp
1976 Charlie Wolleson
1977-79 Walter Tamagni, Sr.
1980 Charlie Wolleson
1981 Warren Butler
1982 Fred Beringer
1983 Everett Bellani
1984 Warren Jackson
1985 Marvin Pestoni
1986 Emily Saxton
1987 Warren Butler
1988 David Shaw
1989 Milt Fechter
1990 Bill Nystrom
1991 Marvin Pestoni
1992 Warren Butler
1993 Emily Saxton
1994 Glen Bobst
1995 David Shaw
1996 Milt Fechter
1997 Marvin Pestoni
1998 Rich Holston
1999 Warren Butler
2000 David Shaw
2001 Glen Bobst
2002 Milt Fechter
2003 Rich Holston
2004 Fred Negri
2005 Bill Gerhard
2006 Bob Hayes
2007 Rich Holston
2008 Bill Squire
2009 Melanie Watson
2010 Ray Edds
2011-12 Mark Porter
2013-14 Karan Schlegel
2015-16 Bob Beck
2017 Anne Steinhauer
2018 - 22 Karan Schlegel
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