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Bylaws & Policies

The Napa County Fair Association Board of Directors governs the organization according to its mission. The mission guides the work of the Board and is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Policies are the result of the Board of Directors’ efforts to establish a consistent means of serving the citizens of Napa County.

They reflects the goals of the Association, bring consistency to our operations, provide fair treatment for all concerned, increase staff efficiency, and relieve the Board of Directors and management of the burden of repetitive decision-making.

If any policy is found to be in conflict with the Bylaws of the Napa County Fair Association, the Bylaws supersede all policies.


To serve the citizens of Napa County with cultural, social, and economic benefits in times of celebration as well as need.


To strive for excellence in all we do, recognized with pride by our Napa County community.
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